Personatges i elements festius

Cant de la Sibil·la

In 2010, UNESCO declared the Majorcan representation of the Song of Sibyl a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Flama del Canigó

The Flama del Canigó is a ritual that combines the Sant Joan midsummer celebrations to evoke the common identity of Catalan-speaking lands.
Vesc, grèvol i galzeran

Mistletoe, holly and Jew's Myrtle

During the Christmas festivities, mistletoe, holly and Jew's Myrtle are three of the plants most used to decorate the home and the pessebre.
Patges, carters reials, criats i espietes

Pages, royal postmen, helpers and spies

Keeping a careful record of who deserves gifts is a task beyond the capacity of the Three Kings of the Orient, who have assistants that do the job for them.

Rose of Sant Jordi

Legends and imagined stories to one side, we know that the tradition of giving roses to loved ones goes back a long way.


The tible is a woodwind instrument from the shawm family. It is one of the most characteristic instruments of the cobla music group.


The Carassa -"big face"- is a figure closely linked to the Christmas celebrations in the city. Because of his clothes and features he looks like a Saracen.
Foguera de Sant Joan

Foguera de Sant Joan

On the night of Sant Joan, bonfires are lit when the sun goes down and kept going well into the night, with all kinds of junk that burns.

Penó de Santa Eulàlia

St Eulalia's Banner, is the historical flag of Barcelona.These days, flies over the City Hall balcony every 12 February, Santa Eulalia's day.