Botifarra d’ou i truita

Botifarra d’ou (egg pork sausage) and truita (omelette) are associated with Carnival, in other words, the last days before the start of Lent, when it is forbidden to eat either eggs or meat.

Botifarra d’ou is made from head meat, shoulder, cansalada (fat bacon), eggs, salt and black pepper. The egg gives it a yellowish colour and it has a grainy texture. It is very similar to botifarra blanca (white sausage) in the way it is made, its shape and its taste.

Originally, both botifarra d’ou and omelette were the typical food of Carnival and, more specifically, Dijous Gras (Fat Thursday), aka "omelette day" or "egg and pork day"And in the past children went from house to house to get eggs to make the typical dishes of the day, which were omelettes and eggs mixed with meat or botifarra d’ou, and coca de llardons. This gastronomic custom, which still lives on in family circles, is a reminder of the big meals that were made before Lent, when they were compulsory for everyone.