Coca de recapte

Coca de recapte is a savoury pastry, made from pastry dough and covered with different vegetables, usually roasted, which can be eaten with meat, cold meats and fish. You can find it everywhere and there are lots of varieties. It is eaten hot or cold, all year round. And it has its own culinary calendar, adapted to the products in season. During Lent, for example, it is usual to eat coques with herring, etc.

The recapte is the food we take to make a meal away from home. As people traditionally took this savoury coca, the name has stuck here.



The coca de recapte you will find in the suggested recipe has herrings but they can be replaced by another kind of fish or meat.

Ingredients: 400 g flour, 150 g water, 20 g baker's yeast, 10 g salt, 4 chopped onions, 4 herrings, 3 roasted peppers, 2 roasted aubergines, 2 chopped, ripe tomatoes, oil and salt.

Dissolve the yeast in warm water and add the salt.
Make a mound of flour and mix in the yeast.
Work the mix to get a smooth pastry dough and leave it to rest, covered with a cloth, until it doubles in bulk.
Fry the onion and tomatoes to make a sofregit.
Stretch the dough to give it an elongated shape, between 15 and 20 cm wide, then spread the sofregit and baked vegetables over it.
Season it with salt , put the herrings on top and add a drizzle of oil.
Bake the coca until the pastry is cooked.

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Recipe Coca de recapte. Fundació Institut Català de la Cuina i de la Cultura Gastronòmica.