Crema de Sant Josep

Crema de Sant Josep

Crema de Sant Josep, or crema catalana, is Catalonia's best-known sweet dish. It is made from milk, eggs and sugar, and usually has a layer of hard caramel on top.

Escudella de Nadal

Escudella is a hotpot of meat and vegetables with noodles or some other pasta. It is a typical Catalan dish, eaten mainly in winter, and you can find as many varieties as there are homes.

Martell de Sant Eloi

Saint Eloy's Hammer, is a hammer-shaped brioche cake, stuffed with cabell d’àngel jam or marzipan, and decorated with candied fruit and gelatine; usually it also contains a surprise porcelain figure.

Honey and jam

Honey and jam, together with medicinal and aromatic herbs of all kinds, are the most important part of the fair of Saint Pontius, patron saint of herbalists and bee keepers.


The sweet potato is usually fried or roasted over coals, and is sometimes used as in ingredient in the sweet almond cakes, panallets. It is also eaten on its own.


Neules are long, crunchy, rolled sweet treats. They are made of a thin sheet of pastry made of flour, sugar, and egg white, and rolled into a tube. They are traditionally eaten at Christmastime, usually served with torró and a glass of cava.

Easter eggs and the mona

Easter includes a culinary treat eagerly awaited by the little ones: the mona. Today, after centuries of evolution, the mona de Pasqua is a sweet, normally made of chocolate, that comes in various form.


Panallets are small, usually round, cakes, made with a mixture of sugar, egg yolk, and almond. In Catalonia, panallets, together with chestnuts and sweet potatoes, are the typical food of All Saints' Day.