Capgrossos de Gràcia

Fact sheet

The Gràcia big heads are linked to the neighbourhood group that accompanies the local giants on all their outings. They represent a wide variety of characters from very different places.

The origins of the Gràcia capgrossos are very varied and they have been added to the comparsa over the years. Agustinet, the Fada (Fairy), the Bruixa (Witch) and the Dimoni (Devil) were given to the group in 1992 by the Carrer de Sant Agustí, who had acquired them a few years earlier from the El Ingenio workshop. In 1993 the Reina Violant School gave them the Músic (Musician) and the same year the Lluïsos de Gràcia cultural association gave them Lluïset, who they also bought at El Ingenio to take part in a play. The Vellet and the Velleta (Old Man and Woman) were given to them by a private owner and they have now been part of the group since 2002.

Apart from all the capgrossos they were given, the group wanted to acquire more and started to do so in 1998, with the two imps, Ge and Gant, the nymph Ty and the dragon Nus. The latter and the devil Petit are the most recent additions, first appearing in 2006.

The Gràcia big heads are carried by a group of children aged 4 to 12 from the Colla Gegantera de Gràcia, who take them to parades and gatherings in the neighbourhood and around the city. They also make them dance at the annual festival in the Toc de Gràcia, which the giants in the group have performed since 2002.