Capgrossos de Sants

Fact sheet

Fructuós Gelabert and Lluna are the two capgròs ("big head") figures linked to the Sants giants' group, who accompany the neighbourhood's gegants and gegantons on their outings round the city, carried by the group's youngest members.

Fructuós Gelabert recalls the pioneer of Catalan cinema, who spent a large part of his life in Sants. That explains why his carrier always has a cinema camera. A local artist, Josep Pitu Alcover, made Fructuós and he made his debut in 1997 at the inauguration of a street named after the real Gelabert.

That same year, a childlike figure was introduced with a face and eyes that are unusual because they shine at night: Lluna. Pitu made her to accompany Fructuós on his outings and she is inspired by the legendary moon in the films of another cinema pioneer, Georges Méliès.

Fructuós Gelabert and Lluna play an important part in the neighbourhood festival calendar, along with the rest of their gang. Every year they can be seen taking part in the annual Sant Bartomeu festival activities and they host the big giants' gathering organised by the group in April. They usually appear at the La Mercè Festival too, as well as at other parades and celebrations they are invited to. And when they are not out and about, they can be seen on display at the Cotxeres de Sants civic centre.