Capgrossos del Districte d’Horta-Guinardó

Fact sheet

Roca and Custòdia are two of the Horta-Guinardó district capgrossos which are currently looked after and taken out by the  plastic arts and expression workshop  Xerrac. They form part of a group of thirteen capgrossos, or big heads, with very different origins and forms.

These two were built in 1985 at the workshop of the craftsman Xavier Jansana and debuted at Horta's festa major the same year. They represent two neighbourhood leaders of that time who were very active in the district: Antoni Roca from Guinardó and Custòdia Moreno from Carmel. Both of them fought to improve the neighbourhoods they lived in through the associations they led.

The two capgrossos are heavily involved in the neighbourhood festivals and are very approachable and likeable characters, mixing and playing with the boys and girls in the crowd on all their outings. Given their size and weight, they can be carried by adults and children alike.