According to ancient traditions, fire is one of the four elements of the universe, together with air, earth and water, that are capable of creating everything in the right combinations. It is a complex element, devastating on the one hand and purifying on the other, that gives us light, warms us and allows us to consume cooked food.

Its effects are very beneficial. In fact, the first human communities were built round fire and it became a central element. From the beginning it was important in everyday life but also in its festive side, increasing its potential and effects, acquiring magical connotations and great symbolic content. The calendar includes many fire moments. There are usually days around the solstices where fire is the undisputed king, such as the bonfires of Sant Joan and Sant Antoni. It is also present in religious celebrations, for example, the vetlla pasqual, Easter Eve, and the festa de la candelera, Candlemas. Finally, the presence of fire in Barcelona stands out in the performances of the diables and bèsties, especially in the correfocs at the festes majors.

Categories of fire