Bestiari de foc

The bestiari de foc is a group of figures, bodies, corporal and artificial elements with a zoomorphic appearance that use pyrotechnic devices.

Generally, these fire beasts have fantastic features, with dragons being the most common. Today, though, we can see more imaginary figures that have something to do with the neighbourhood, the area or the association they belong to.

We need to look for the origin of these figures in the Corpus Christi processions where, at first, they formed part of the theatrical representation of the lives of the saints and biblical history and, later, they took part on their own.

With the end of the Francoist dictatorship, the streets were reclaimed as a leisure space and this favoured the creation of new figures around the country, a trend that continues today. We should mention that, aside from reviving the traditional figures, this festive context has given rise to very interesting creative processes that have produced some new, highly imaginative and attractive figures.

In Barcelona, the bestiari de foc are very active in a wide range of events. They take part in cercaviles, correfocs, processions, etc., and the corresponding colles take various forms. They might be associations in their own right, sections of other associations, groups associated with a colla de diables, etc. The main federation is the Agrupació de Bestiari Festiu i Popular de Catalunya, and one of its regions is the Barcelonès county.

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