Colla de Diables i Timbalers d'Ítaca

Ítaca, a school in the Les Corts neighbourhood, set up the Colla de Diables i Timbalers d'Itaca in the 1981-82 school year. The Diables de Sants acted as their godparents at their fire baptism. The school's decision had a double motive: to enable the students to take part in the traditional fire festivals as well as have a closer relationship with their social environment. Your can recognise the Diables i Timbalers d'Ítaca by their outfits, which are made out of brown sackcloth with red flames on their trouser-leg bottoms and the cuffs of their jacket coat sleeves. When they are burning fireworks, they cover their heads with hoods sporting two straight red horns.

 During the local festa majorthey organise the Xocofoc, a festival event with workshops on diables, timbalers, masks and make-up, plus a demonstration of the art of fire and a  xocolatada, with hot chocolate and coca. Every year they organise the Festa de Picarols, in which the diables and timbalers reaffirm their membership of the group.