Legendary, historical and thematic performances

The new batch of festive productions have fixed their gaze on oral traditions, history and specific subjects as guides. Sometimes they make up entire festivals, other times they are just one of the activities.

These offerings, based on popular theatre, are usually very participative. They aim to remind us of important events, or reclaim and revive local stories, and they all tend to have a strong identity.

The formats of these plays can be very diverse, and so it is a very mixed genre. In Catalonia there are many variations, and increasingly more, covering the entire country. For example, in Tortosa is the Festa del Renaixement (the Renaissance festival), in Taradell is the Festa del Toca-sons, and in Manlleu is the Serpent.

This kind of performance can also be found in Barcelona. Some are based on legends, like that of Sant Jordi (Saint George) in Les Corts. Others are historical re-enactments, like El Noi Baliarda in Sant Andreu del Palomar, La Revolta de les Quintes in Gràcia and military events of La Coronela de Barcelona.

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