La Víbria de Nou Barris

Fact sheet


La Trini

Built in 2004 by Joan Miró Oró

La Trini is a small she-dragon, daughter of Baró, the Nou Barris dragon, and La Meri, the La Guineueta she-dragon. The figure was built by Joan Miró Oró in 2004, to be carried by the Banyuts of Nou Barris, the children's fire group.

La Trini has eighteen firework points, distributed in its mouth, wings and tail. The small she-dragon takes part in the festivals of all the district's neighbourhoods, in the fire runs, fire shows and festive parades. As a children's figure, it also takes part in the Nou Barris Three Kings Parade.

The little beast, which weighs forty-two kilos, can either be pulled or carried by a bearer, when, for example, it takes part in the dance in the central square.