La Sagrera holds its big annual festival!

The La Sagrera neighbourhood is holding its big annual festival from 14 to 24 November. It may not officially start until Thursday 14 but there will be exhibitions opening in the meantime, along with the neighbourhood’s 18th Organisations’ Fair.

The Torre de la Sagrera neighbourhood centre will be holding an exhibition entitled ‘Joan Amades, la memòria del poble’ up to 29 November, created in homage of the Catalan folklorist to mark the 125th anniversary of his birth.

Saturday, 9 November: a “festa major” or annual-festival banner workshop will be given as part of the 18th Organisations’ Fair, in Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx, (from 10 am to 2 pm) and traditional stories will be performed (from 11 am to 1 pm), in addition to the story of Sagrerina, the giantess of La Sagrera.

Monday, 11 November: an exhibition will officially open at 7 pm. in memory of the festivities along Carrer a la Sagrera, covering the neighbourhood’s old festivals. Organised by the La Sagrera Documents Centre, this exhibition of photographs will be on until 30 November, during the opening hours of the Espai 30/Ateneu Sagrerenc.

Thursday, 14 November: the festa major kicks off with the delivery of the festival’s opening speech, given by Dr Josep Maria Ramírez Ribas, the director of the Guttmann Institute. Accompanied by sign-language interpreting, the event will feature a screening of an audiovisual entitled ‘2019, un any de festes’ [2019, a year of festivals] and pay homage to the neighbourhood’s associations holding anniversaries: the Crist Rei parish centre and the Patí Congrés club (sixty years), the AREP and the Estel folk group (forty years), the Jove Garcilaso centre (twenty years) and the Biblioteca Marina Clotet and the Photosagrera Association (ten years).

Friday, 15 November: presentation at 6 pm of Joan Serra Arman’s biography ‘Joan Amades i Gelats: del Raval a la llegenda’. The event will take place in the Biblioteca Marina Clotet.

Saturday, 16 November: the 37th confetti battle kicks off at 5.15 pm on at Plaça de Masadas and a dance and choral-singing group performance at 7 pm given by Casa de Granada (sevillana, bachata and fandango dancing, line dancing and gypsy dancing) at the Barraca civic centre.

Sunday, 17 November: kicking off at 8 am, an early-morning music procession performed by “grallers” [traditional Catalan chanter players], along the neighbourhood’s streets. 9 am: installing giants and big-head figures at Plaça de Masadas, in preparation for their 17th get-together and procession, which will kick off at 11 am. It will include giants from several of the city’s neighbourhoods (La Marina, Sagrada Família and the Casc Antic) and from several other towns. There will also be festival figures from the neighbourhood’s schools (El Sagrer, Pegaso, Congrés-Indians, 30 Passos and Turó Blau). Also taking part will be the Trabucaires de Sant Andreu [period-costume, blunderbuss groups] and the Bouets i la Vaqueta del Raval [animal figures]. They will all be led by Sagrerina, the Giantess of La Sagrera.

12 noon: the 40th display of traditional dances will begin at Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx, performed by the Rosa dels Vents de Vilanova del Vallès dance groups and l’the Estel dance group, from the Crist Rei de la Sagrera parish centre. Afternoon: a choral-singing concert will be held at the Crist Rei Church, performed by the Coral Interreligiosa per la Pau [Inter-religious Choir for Peace] and the Bell Ressò choir, from the Crist Rei de la Sagrera parish church.

Saturday, 23 November: the children’s fire run will start at 6.30 pm from Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx, with the Fures de Can Baró and the Diablons de la Sagrera taking part. It will finish at Plaça de Masadas, which will be playing host to kettledrumming at 7.30 pm and a public reading of “diabolical” verses at 8.30 pm. The reading will be followed by the grow-ups’ fire run (8.45 pm). This will feature the Fures de Can Baró, the Diables de la Verneda, the Congregació Diabòlica del Congrés and the Diables de la Sagrera, accompanied by the Sagresaure, a dinosaur figure.

Sunday, 24 November: a lacemakers’ get-together (11 am) at Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx. At the same time (11 am) the pole marquee will be playing host to the tenth music-band competition. There will be human-tower group displays starting at 11.30 am, featuring the Castellers de Rubí, the Passadors de Sant Adrià de Besòs and the Jove de Barcelona. The 46th display of sardana dancing will be held at 12 noon at Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx, featuring the La Sagrerenca dance group.

The festival will end in the evening, with Habaneras singing performed by the Port Bo group in the pole marquee (6.30 pm) and a fire works display will be given at Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx (9 pm).

As a prologue to the “festa major” or big annul festival, a photographic exhibition will officially open on Monday, 2 December on the 2018 La Sagrera festa major. It will be on until 15 December at the Torre de la Sagrera neighbourhood centre.

You can consult the whole events programme here.