Catalan Festival for the ball de bastons

The Catalan Festival on Saturday 26 July will be exclusively dedicated to the ball de bastons [baton folk dancing]. It will begin at 7.30 pm on Avinguda de la Catedral and three groups of bastoners from the city will be taking part : the bastoner groups from the Casc Antic, Clot andGràcia.

This year’s event is different from other editions, which habitually combine a variety of popular culture disciplines. This year is exclusively for bastoner exhibitions. The three groups [colles] will start off by performing their normal repertoire of dances, and the event will end with a joint exhibition.

The Catalan Festival is a small popular-culture event which is held in the city centre every Saturday during the summer. The aim is to show tourists the most genuinely Catalan traditions and demonstrate the wealth of Barcelona popular culture. For this reason a large number of city organisations take part: casteller [human pyramid] groups, the Falcons of Barcelona, the Moixiganga [masquerade group], sardana [rraditional dance] groups, traditional dance schools, gegants [giants] and bestiary figures.