Adifolk's international meeting in Timisoara

This year, the Association for the Diffusion of Folklore is organising its international meeting in the Romanian city of Timisoara. It is being held from 8 to 10 August and twenty popular culture organisations from all over Catalonia will be taking part. There will be exhibitions and street performances to disseminate our folklore and awaken interest in grassroots Catalan culture. Furthermore, in the meeting’s spirit of cultural exchange, various local music and dance organisations will be acting as hosts.

Adifolk is a non-profit organisation founded to foster and revitalise Catalan folklore and popular culture while also encouraging exchanges with other world cultures. Every year since 1988, it organises its international meeting in a different European city, with the aim of providing a taste of our dance, music, imagery, traditions and other forms of grassroots, festive artistic expression.