Catalan festival with the Pi and Sant Andreu giants and the Súria human-tower group

This Saturday, 2 August, the Gegants del Pi, the Gegants de Sant Andreu and the Castellers de Súria will be taking part in the Festa Catalana. As usual, this little festival of traditional and popular culture will kick off at 7.30 pm on Avinguda de la Catedral.

On this occasion you will be able to see the original figures of the Gegants Petits del Pi dancing. A unique opportunity because it is not very often that you can see Josep Oriol and Eulàlia, who date back to 1858, in action, because of their historical value. What’s more, the Mulassa de Barcelona, a mule figure also managed by the Pi giant group, will be taking part too.

As will the Gegants Coloms de Sant Andreu, two half-human, half-bird figures that allude to the name of the old town. The human constructions will be represented by the Castellers de Súria (Bages). This group, nicknamed the ‘Salats’, was founded in 2008.

The Catalan Festival is a small popular-culture event which is held in the city centre every Saturday during the summer. The aim is to show tourists the most authentic Catalan traditions and demonstrate the wealth of Barcelona popular culture. For this reason a large number of city organisations take part: castellers, the Falcons de Barcelona and the Moixiganga dancers, sardana ring-dance and other traditional dance groups, gegants(giants) and bestiari (dragons and other beastly figures).