Catalan festival with the castellers de la Jove of Barcelona, the Encantats of Begues and the Colla Sardanista Mare Nostrum

The colles castelleres Jove of Barcelona, the Encantats of Begues and the agrupació sardanista Mare Nostrum are performing at the Catalan festival on Saturday, 30 August. The festival will start at 7.30 pm at Avinguda de la Catedral and will last a couple of hours until late evening.

The opening performances of the festival will be the human tower groups, who will form all types of towers and pillars. The Jove of Barcelona is the latest group to be formed in the city, in 2010. But the castellers of Begues are even newer, having been founded in 2012. The festival will end with a display by the Colla Sardanista Mare Nostrum, a veteran group in competition sardanas dancing.

The Catalan Festival is a small popular-culture event which is held in the city centre every Saturday during the summer. The aim is to show tourists the most authentic Catalan traditions and demonstrate the wealth of Barcelona popular culture. For this reason a large number of city organisations take part: castellers, the Falcons de Barcelona and the Moixiganga dancers, sardana ring-dance and other traditional dance groups, gegants(giants) and bestiari (dragons and other beastly figures).