The Sants Festival

The Sants Festival is almost here. From 23 to 31 August the district will be full of activities with celebrations and traditions such as dance, fire, human towers, music and much more. And owing to the large number of associations in the district, various groups of popular culture and residents associations are leading the events organised. However, the most characteristic feature are the decorated streets, with sixteen taking part this year. Each street has prepared a programme of festival activities.

Events start in the afternoon of 23rd with a street parade through the district with musicians and human towers who will lead the way to Parc de l’Espanya Industrial. Once there, the traditional giants’ ball will begin and then the proclamation, which this year will be done by the well-known handball player, Enric Massip.

The 24 August is Sant Bartomeu’s Day, the patron saint of the old town of Barcelona. In the morning, a flower offering will be given to the figure of the saint and the Castellers de Sants [human towers] will raise a pillar to the church of Santa Maria. The Colla Bastonera [dance group] of Sants will perform in the decorated streets, and there will also be fireworks, drums and street dinners to welcome the festival another year.

The Castellers de Sants [human towers] will be the centre of attraction on Saturday, 30th, the human towers day of the festival, when they will perform in the afternoon at Plaça de Benet i Muixí. Fire for all ages will also take the leading role on the Saturday. At 7.30 pm, a children’s firework run will go through the streets of Sants, followed by a firework run for adults at night.

Although the activities of the festival end on 31st with a pyromusical show, the final performance of this year’s edition will be on Saturday, 6 September, with a concert by the Banda Municipal of Barcelona at Parc de l’Espanya Industrial.

From 22 to 30 August, the Casinet d’Hostafrancs will be holding an exhibition of the works presented at the 18th Posters Competition of Sants Festival 2013. It will be open to the public every afternoon.