La Bordeta's Big Annual Festival

The festa major or big annual festival of the La Bordeta neighbourhood, in the Sants-Montjuïc district, is actually a festa major confined to one street and three squares. The respective committees have organised a whole host of activities, on their own initiative, from 2 to 7 September, which will end with a unity event at Plaça de Celestina Vigneaux. This year’s concluding activity, which giant figures and the Sants “Devil’s Group”are to take part in, will be held on Saturday afternoon, on 13 September.

The events on Plaça de Celestina Vigneaux will take place at 5.30 pm, with a hot-chocolate fest and workshops for kids, while 6 pm will mark the start of the giants’ dance. After that, the ‘Dancing La Bordeta’ festival will kick off, with a dozen or so dance schools taking part as well as the neighbourhood’s dance associations. Later, a 10 pm, the Sants Devil’s Group will be putting on a fire show, after which the festival will finish off with a concert from the group Mancuso.

As for the streets and squares programme, most will be opening the festivities with a string of fireworks. A whole load of activities have been planned for those days, including children’s workshops, sports championships, communal meals and festa major dances. Notable popular-culture events will include the human-tower morning at Plaça del Fènix, featuring the Cornellà human-tower group, on Saturday noon, on 6 September and Habaneras singing at 7.30 pm on the next day in Carrer dels Jocs Florals de Baix.