The 2019 Clot-Camp de Flipchart Festa Major programme

A year on and the big annual festival is back at the neighbourhoods of Clot and El Camp de Flipchart del Clot, which are celebrating their “festa major” together in the Sant Martí vicinity. This year sees the commemoration of the ten years of life and activism at the La Farinera cultural centre, ten years of stick-dancing displays from El Clot and ten years of festa-major dancing, organised jointly with La Verneda’s local residents.

The festival is on from 1 to 17 November. Saturday, 2 November: the first popular-culture event will kick off, at 5 pm: the “cursa de dracs i bèsties de foc” or “dragons and fire-beasts race” along Carrer del Consell de Cent. This will be a unique festival event, divided into two categories: beasts of burden and beasts on wheels.

Sunday, 3 November: the giants’ music procession will set off at 11.30 am, featuring guests from the city’s various neighbourhoods (El Poblenou, Nou Barris, El Besòs i el Maresme, El Poble-sec and Sarrià), together with the Gegants de Cornellà. Playing host will be giants from the two neighbourhoods: El Clot and from the Sant Josep de Calassanç parish church, located in Camp de Flipchart. The music procession will start from Carrer del Freser and finish at Plaça de Valentí Almirall.

That same square will be playing host, opposite the district’s headquarters, from 12 noon, to the Rams de Sant Martí folk dance, performed by the Sant Martí dance group. The square will also be the setting for the festival’s opening speech at 1 pm and a public reading of satirical verses at 1.30 pm by the Diables del Clot.

Tuesday, 5 November: the festa major will continue at the Joan Casanelles old people’s home, with a hot-chocolate fest (11 am) and a music performance and afternoon snack included (5 pm).

Thursday, 7 November: a travelling exhibition entitled “Espai i festa” [Space and festival] will officially open at 7.30 pm in the Joan Alsina exhibitions hall at the La Farinera del Clot cultural centre (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 837).

Saturday, 9 November: the thirty-second display of classical and traditional festa-major dancing will be held at 5 pm, featuring classical and folk-dance schools, the Antics Dansaires section and the Sant Martí dance group. The event will take place at the Teatre dels Jesuïtes del Clot (Carrer de València, 680) and donate the proceeds it raises to the TV3 Marathon.

That same day will see a display of sardana dancing and get-together of guest veteran groups at 5.30 pm, featuring the Cobla Premià, at the junction between Carrer de Rogent and Carrer de Bassols. There will be a fire party at 8.30 pm at the Fossar del Parc del Clot, a stationary fire event organised by the Diables del Clot.

Sunday, 10 November: human-tower displays will start at 8 am, from Plaça de Valentí Almirall. A popular-culture music procession will kick off at 10 am, featuring the Bastons del Clot stick dancers and the Falcons de Barcelona acrobatic human-tower group, setting off from Plaça del Mercat del Clot. Plaça de Valentí Almirall will be playing host to a human tower day, starting at 12 noon, featuring the Castellers de Sabadell, the Castellers de Lleida and the Castellers de Barcelona.

Monday, 11 November: a flower-dance will be held at 7.45 pm, before mass, to mark the Diada de Sant Martí / St Martin’s Day, at the Sant Martí del Clot parish church (Plaça del Canonge Rodó), performed by the Sant Martí dance group.

Friday, 15 November: the Sant Martí festival will continue with a get-together of senior-citizen choirs in the Sant Martí district. It will be held at 5.30 pm in the Orfeó Martinenc auditorium (Avinguda de la Meridiana, 97).

Saturday, 16 November: a lacemakers’ get-together and sardana dance will be held at 10 am at the Parc del Clot de la Mel (opposite the Joan Casanelles old people’s home). There will be an El Clot stick-dancing get-together at 5 pm, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the neighbourhood’s stick dancing, featuring several guest groups. It will start at Plaça de Sant Josep de Calassanç and finish at Plaça del Mercat del Clot at 7 pm, with displays from the groups, and PicaFoc, a joint event combining stick dancing with fire devils.

That same Saturday, at 8.30 pm, will see a kettledrumming procession starting from Plaça del Mercat and finishing at Plaça de Can Robacols. The festa major’s fire run will follow the same route but on the way back, setting off at 9 pm, at which time the fortieth religious folkloric music and dance recital will also be starting, performed by the Cobla Sant Jordi the Sant Martí group at the Sant Martí del Clot parish church.

Sunday, 17 November: a choir get-together will be held at 6 pm at the Orfeó Martinenc’s auditorium (Avinguda de la Meridiana, 97) and the festival will be concluded at 9.15 pm with a fire castle at the Parc del Clot.

The festival itself will have finished but communal events, fairs and activities will continue up to the end of November. Saturday, 23 November: there will be Habaneras singing at 7.30 pm at Plaça de Carme Montoriol, featuring the group Peix Fregit.

You can consult the whole festa major programme by clicking here.