The Seguici Popular, the giants and the beasts are displayed for Mercè 2023


September means it is time for the city’s annual festival again. The festival groups have been getting ready for months, and now’s the time for them to show themselves in all their glory to the Barcelona residents who take to the streets to enjoy the festival.

And just like every year around La Mercè, these days most of Barcelona’s giants and beasts can be seen in three exhibitions: the Exposició del Seguici Popular [Exhibition of the Communal Procession], the Mostra de Dracs i Bèsties de foc [Exhibition of Dragons and Fire Beasts], and the Mostra de Gegants [Giants Exhibition].

The Communal Procession at La Virreina

The Exhibition of the Seguici Popular [Communal Procession] is coming back to La Virreina, the venue where this show is traditionally held. From 16 to 25 September, visitors can see the Capgrossos Macers [“big-head” macebearer figures], the Gegants de la Ciutat [City Giants], the Àliga [Eagle], the Lleó [Lion], the Mulassa [Giant Mule], the Bou [Ox], the Drac [Dragon], the Víbria [She-Dragon], the Tarasca [Serene Dragon], the Cavallets Cotoners [cotton merchants’ hobby horses] and the Gegants del Pi [giants of Santa Maria del Pi] and of Santa Maria del Mar. The Seguici, or Procession, created in 1993, includes the most representative figures of the city’s festival history, which play a symbolic and essential role in the celebrations. Also part of it are the Ball de Bastons del Seguici [Stick Dance] and, starting in 2019, the Falcons de Barcelona. 

The exhibition of the Communal Procession will be open from 16 to 25 September from 10 am to 8 pm.

Barcelona Giants Exhibition

The Giants Exhibition is coming back at the Pati Manning in the Casa de Caritat (Carrer de Montalegre, 7). This special edition will once again feature around 100 male and female giants from the city’s neighbourhoods. The Exhibition opens on Saturday 9 September at 6 pm. However, before that, at 5 pm, “Off to the festival!0 begins, an event where the Gegants de la Ciutat [City Giants] and the Capgrossos Macers [“big-head” macebearer figures] leave the Palau de la Virreina to head to the Pati Manning, accompanied by a festival group from the city celebrating an anniversary. This time it will be the Gegants de la Pedrera [Giants of La Pedrera], who are turning 25. When they reach the Pati Manning, the dances of the figures will be held at 6 pm, and then the opening speeches will begin. .

Around 100 giants of Barcelona will be displayed from Saturday 10 to Saturday 23 September, and they can be visited every day of the week from 10 am to 7:30 pm. The exhibition closes at 5 pm on Saturday 23 September.

The Mostra de Bèsties [Display of Fantastical Beasts]

Barcelona’s beasts feature once again in the Mostra de Dracs i Bèsties [Display of Dragons and Fantastical Beasts], marking time as they wait for the festival. This year, they will be back at the Born Cultural and Memory Centre between 15 and 23 September from 10 am to 7 pm (closed Mondays, and Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 8 pm).