Giant Laias to be displayed at La Virreina in the run up to Santa Eulàlia

One of the most characteristic acts of the Santa Eulàlia festivities is the procession of the Laias, when all the giants, big and small, from the Ciutat Vella district take part. That day, in honour of the city’s patron, all of them are dubbed with the name Laia. These same pieces will be on display this year at the Palau de la Virreina in the days prior to the city’s winter festival. The display opens on 10 February, with dozens of giants participating. They include the Laias from Pl. Nova, the Pi Laia and the friendly little giant, as well as the giants Reina de Saba, Violant de la Ciutat, Marieta del Casc Antic, Maria de la Barcelona, Lola del Raval and more.

The procession of the Laias takes place at 7 pm on 12 February, the day of Santa Eulàlia. As ever, the giants will hold their traditional gathering in Pl. Sant Josep Oriol, where there will be hot chocolate for everybody and typical Santa Eulàlia aspes, a cake in the shape of a cross with a cherry filling. The procession gets under way after that, taking in various streets around the Ciutat Vella district and ending up with dances of honour in Pl. Sant Jaume. The procession is headed by the ‘authentic’ Laias: Laia de la Plaça Nova, Eulàlia del Pi and the giant Laia.