More decorated streets than ever at the Gràcia Annual Festival 2019

Although there are still a few days to go before the Gràcia Annual Festival, residents have been working non-stop to finish the street decorations for weeks. Between 15 and 21 August, visitors will have twenty-four spaces between streets, squares and passages to choose from. This year, there are three new spaces: Carrer de Lluís Vives (between Abdó Terrades and Llibertat), Plaça del Nord and Carrer de Lluís Antúnez / Placeta de Sant Miquel (between Gran de Gràcia and Placeta de Sant Miquel).

One of the new developments in the prizes to be awarded to the streets will be the special mention for the most accessible street or square, as assessed by a specialist jury.

Although the theme chosen for each street is already known, there is always much anticipation regarding how the proposal will be carried out until the whole work is unveiled. Here are this year’s themes!

  • Carrer de Berga: “The garden”
  • Carrer de Ciudad Real: “Memories of 1935”
  • Carrer de la Fraternitat de Baix: “Halloween”
  • Carrer de la Fraternitat de Dalt “Fratern’s Diner”
  • Carrer de Jesús: “Seas of plastic”
  • Carrer de Joan Blanques de Baix: “John White, a little Indian”
  • Carrer de Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot: “Be thrilled by Joan Blanques De Baix De Tot”
  • Carrer de la Perla: “Perlantone”
  • Carrer de la Llibertat: “Atlantida really does exist” -> Winner of the first prize in the 2018 edition
  • Carrer de Lluís Vives: “Macondo”
  • Carrer de Maspons: “MASFORN”
  • Carrer de Mozart: “The library five minutes after midnight”
  • Carrer del Perill: “Ecological danger”
  • Plaça del Poble Romaní: “Romani patisserie”
  • Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia: “The decoration process”
  • Plaça del Nord: “Northern reserve”
  • Plaça de Rovira i Trias: “Rovira presents: ‘The Birds’”  -> Winner of the third prize in the 2018 edition
  • Placeta de Sant Miquel and surrounding area: “At home in Gràcia: welcome”
  • Carrer del Progrés: “Harry Progrés and the 80 decorations”
  • Carrer de Providència: “Providence mine”
  • Carrer de Puigmartí: “Fire and ice”
  • Carrer de Tordera: “Viking ship”
  • Travessera de Sant Antoni: “The Trave-Silk Road”
  • Carrer de Verdi del Mig: “Veggie Verdi” – & gt; Winner of the second prize in the 2018 edition

Another main part of the festival will be the 21st balcony and doorway decoration competition, which will have its own map.

In addition, tribute will be paid to Carrer del Progrés and Carrer de Puigmartí, which have been decorated without interruption for eighty years, since 1939, when the festival resumed following the end of the Civil War.