6th Sant Jaume meeting of gegants

For the last six years, the Colla Gegantera de Sant Jaume [Sant Jaume Giants Group] has organised an annual meeting for a walkabout during their patron saint’s festivities. This year’s meeting will be on the afternoon of 26 July. Gegants [giants] from a variety of places will accompany Ferran and Mercè along the streets of the Gòtic neighbourhood.

The event will begin at 5.30 pm with a gathering in Plaça de la Mercè of all the groups taking part. Three of the groups are from the city, the Gegants del Pi, from Sant Pere de les Puel·les and from the Raval. There are also three groups from outside the city, from Roca del Vallès, Prat de Llobregat and Carrer de la Riera in Vic.

The passacaglia will begin at 6 pm and it will pass along Carrer Ample, then the Rambla and will then turn up Carrer de Ferran. The route will then include other places in the Gòtic neighbourhood – including Carrer dels Gegants– before finally going down Carrer d’Avinyó and finishing where it started: in Plaça de la Mercè. Once there, at around 7.30 pm, the closing ceremony will take place, with the.Gegants de Sant Jaume performing the dance of honour. This piece, which simulates a courtship between the giants, is the work of musician Pol Ducable, and was performed for the first time last year.