The second quarter of Popular Culture in the Athenaeums 2019 gets under way

Two traditional dance groups, two choirs, two bands, two music groups and six athenaeums. These are the basic elements for the cycle Popular Culture in the Athenaeums 2019. The second part takes place in May, June and July and consists of eight performances. The performances correspond to diverse spheres of Barcelona popular culture and will be offered at the main venues of six historical entities belonging to the Catalan Athenaeum Network.

Highlights in the programme include performances which fuse various disciplines, such as the gralla and dolçaina wind instruments and the piano, as well as the presentation of discs recovering old songs. You’ll also find the latest displays created by Barcelona’s esbart traditional dance groups, rhythms from many different places and choral concerts with bags of personality. The cycle gets under way on 2 May with a concert by two musicians from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, the gralla and dolçaina players Oriol Oliver and David Valera, at the Centre Sant Pere. The pair will be performing with the pianist Emili Blasco in a concert entitled ‘A força de dolçor’.

This cycle started life two years ago with the idea of strengthening the bond between Barcelona’s athenaeums, an authentic reflection of the cultural vitality of the civil society and the city’s popular culture entities. The participating entities and host venues all go back a long way in the sphere of popular culture and associations in Barcelona. There are several centenarian athenaeums and various entities capable of keeping traditions alive at the same time as exploring new creative paths.