Two human towers meetings for La Mercè 2019

The human tower season in Barcelona will include days devoted to this activity almost every weekend, though one of the most notable days on the calendar coincides with the La Mercè festivities. This year’s annual festival also brings us two consecutive gatherings of great towers: Sunday 22 September will be the guest groups’ human tower day with Castellers de Barcelona, Minyons de Terrassa and Castellers de Vilafranca, while on Tuesday 24 it’s the turn of the city’s seven local human tower groups.

The Castellers de Barcelona are the city’s oldest group and for many years they have hosted the guest groups’ human tower day. The performance will take place on Sunday 22 September at midday in Plaça Sant Jaume, and as tradition marks the Minyons de Terrassa and the Castellers de Vilafranca will be back again after a few years. These are three top-class human tower groups who will certainly bring us an intense day full of extra varied human towers.

Tradition has it that on the day of La Mercè, the city’s human tower groups get together to perform at the same time in Plaça de Sant Jaume. This square, home to human towers for almost half a century, has seen all the city’s human tower groups born and raised: Castellers de Barcelona, Castellers de Sants, Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia, Castellers de la Sagrada Família, Castellers del Poble-sec, the Colla Jove de Barcelona and, since last year, the Castellers de Sarrià. A total of seven local human tower groups that are constantly evolving, getting bigger and going higher.

That’s why on Monday at midday you really mustn’t miss the city’s most familiar human tower performance, which attracts the most loyal spectators. The gathering will also be conducted as it was in the olden days, to make it more dynamic and visually impressive. The groups will not be taking turns but each one will be building its three towers within the same period of time, so it will be very easy to see more than one tower at a time in the square. The event will last roughly one hour.