What are the holidays in 2020?

La Mercè, Christmas, St. Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day), Epiphany… these always fall on the same date every year. But there are holidays that don’t always fall on the same day, like Easter Monday and Whit Monday.

In 2020, All Saints’ Day (1 November) and Constitution Day (6 December) both fall on a Sunday, but we also recover two traditional holidays that fell on Sunday in 2019: Epiphany (6 January) and Day of the Immaculate Conception (8 December). Lastly, this year, two festivals fall on Saturdays: Feast of the Assumption (15 August) and St. Stephen’s Day (26 December). In total, there will be 14 holidays: 8 days chosen by the National Government (E), 4 days chosen by the Generalitat of Catalonia (G), and 2 chosen by the Barcelona City Council (A).

This is the calendar of holidays for the city of Barcelona:

The city’s more traditional festivals will take place on the following days: