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Strings which make the soul vibrate

Exhibition. The Music Museum and the Auditorium is organizing a guided tour of over 50 historic guitars and an exclusive concert by a soloist musician.

Aplec Internacional Adifolk

Adifolk's international meeting in Timisoara

This year, the Association for the Diffusion of Folklore is organising its international meeting in the Romanian city of Timisoara. It is being held from 8 to 10 August and twenty popular culture organisations from all over Catalonia will be taking...

Plaça Nova's S Roch's Day festivities: 425 years of big annual festivals

St Roch's Day, this coming 16 August, marks the 425th anniversary of Plaça Nova's festa major or big annual festival. That makes it Barcelona's oldest communal and patron-saint's day street festival. As exhibition is being held to commemorate the...

Festa catalana 26 juliol 2014

Catalan Festival for the ball de bastons

The Catalan Festival on Saturday 26 July will be exclusively dedicated to the ball de bastons [baton folk dancing]. It will begin at 7.30 pm on Avinguda de la Catedral and three groups of bastoners from the city will be taking part : groups from the...

Cartell trobada gegants sant jaume 2014

6th Sant Jaume meeting of gegants

For the last six years, the Colla Gegantera de Sant Jaume [Sant Jaume Giants Group] has organised an annual meeting for a walkabouts during their patron saint's festivitiesThis year's meeting will be on the afternoon of 26 July. Gegants [giants] from...

Dancing Eggs open up Barcelona

Culture Corpus Christi is back, and one of Barcelona's most unique celebrations, the dancing egg, is once again the big star of the day throughout the city.