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Cartell trobada gegants sant jaume 2014

6th Sant Jaume meeting of gegants

For the last six years, the Colla Gegantera de Sant Jaume [Sant Jaume Giants Group] has organised an annual meeting for a walkabouts during their patron saint's festivitiesThis year's meeting will be on the afternoon of 26 July. Gegants [giants] from...

Dancing Eggs open up Barcelona

Culture Corpus Christi is back, and one of Barcelona's most unique celebrations, the dancing egg, is once again the big star of the day throughout the city.

Local and everywhere Easter cakes

Traditions. Cake shops from other lands offer too their specific Easter cakes, without forgetting the traditional chocolate eggs and figurines.

“Barcelona, the Carnival city”.

Carnival. The Carnival celebration in Barcelona was already famous and admired throughout Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its truly participatory nature and extremes of revelry made it a highly unique event.

Time for a rollicking good festival!

Traditions. Carnival is one of the most traditional and crazy festivals in the city, with Queen Belluga reigning over this year’s events.