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Dau escape



In escape games, the objective is to solve an enigma in limited time and through the combined action of all the members of a group. This exciting activity has attracted many fans in recent years. This year, the sixth celebration of the Dau Barcelona Festival of Games opens with an escape game of the most unusual size.

Dauville was a small mining village just outside Barcelona. In 1956, after the mass deportation of its inhabitants, it was abandoned. Now, the descendants of those deported have reached an agreement with the current landowners. They can visit Dauville for a maximum of three hours on 17 November 2017 in order to recover as many personal effects belonging to their parents and grandparents as they can find in the old village.

Game created by Àlex Gordillo and Iñaki Fernández.

Registration for grups between 4 and 6 persons from november 2nd to 12th here.