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©Patrick Liste

©Patrick Liste

Who doesn’t know the game Catan? Catan has become a worldwide games ambassador ever since it was first published in 1995, a gateway crossed by millions of people who have decided to include games in their daily lives.

As with any creation, there is a person behind the game who imagined what it would be like to take a journey to an apparently deserted island, full of natural resources. It was a journey you would not be making alone and where you had to share the island’s wealth with the other explorers. Always negotiating for your own benefit, obviously.

That person is the German Klaus Teuber, a man with a passion for games, a man delighted to have given such a lot of people so many happy moments.

Klaus Teuber is delighted to be our guest of honour at this special edition of the Dau Barcelona Festival. Màrius Serra's long conversation with Klaus Teuber and his son Benjamin meant that we could find out all about the creator, the lover of books and history, the family man and the man who is happy when he's playing.