Programme of Activities



Compound Fabra i Coats
Saturday, 20 and Sunday, 21 November
From 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm

Dau Barcelona 2021 activities can be consulted in two ways, by festival ambit or by the spaces they occupy in the compound. If no otherwise specified, all Dau activities run during all opening hours of the festival.



Grand Dau

Multi-use Space, Creation Factory

Almost a hundred tables set up for every kind of player. Whether you play often, or you don’t know many games yet, the Big Dau awaits you; there is someone at each table who will teach you every game, from the newest releases to the classics that have dominated in past years. All you have to do is sit down and play.

Games for everyone

Run by the publishers:


Festival shop

Tent in front of Fábrica de creación
Run by La Maquinària and Mathom

Dau pro

Third floor, Fàbrica de Creació

Professional space with restricted access, for editors, creators, illustrators, press, distributors, shops and clubs.

Pathfinder Macro-game

Third floor, Fàbrica de Creació
Saturday, 20 November
From 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm

Run by Devir and the Pathfinder Society of Barcelona

Prototype space

Second floor, Casal de barri - Ateneu L’Harmonia
Sunday, 21 November,4.30 pm:Game Jam

Besides a lot of prototypes, experience the Fun Passport.

More information here

Run by Ludo, the board game creators’ association

8th Protogames Competition and prototype space

Second floor, Casal de barri - Ateneu L’Harmonia
Saturday, 20 November, 5 pm: Prize awards

Besides a lot of prototypes, experience the Fun Passport.

Organised by Verkami

Eating and drinking at the festival

Ground floor, Casal de barri - Ateneu L’Harmonia

You can go get yourself a coffee, beer or apple juice and eat a sandwich at our bar during the festival.

Devir Show

Ignasi Iglésias Library Auditorium- Can Fabra
Saturday, 20 November, 6 pm

Recording of games and creators emission, with a lot of humour.

Run by Devir

The Little Dau

Can Fabra School

Our little ones are always eager to learn and discover new games. That’s why we have Little Dau, where publishers specialising in children’s games will be showcasing their entire catalogue for kids aged 5 to 10.

Games for children aged 5 to 10

Run by the publishers:

  • Abba Games
  • Cayro Games
  • Devir
  • Djeco
  • Ediciones MasQueOca
  • GDM Games
  • Haba
  • Juega Conmigo
  • Ludattica
  • Lúdilo
  • Mercurio
  • Plakks Entertainment
  • Trígonos

Wheelchair circuit

Can Fabra School Playground

Awareness-raising initiative on the difficulties facing people with physical disabilities. Run by the Ecom Federation

Presentation of the books and games Room and Bitmax

21 November, 12 am

Can Fabra School’s playground

Run by authors Jaume Copons, Liliana Fortuny and Pak Gallego and publishers Combel and GDM Games

Creators' Dau

IES Martí Pous

If we're able to have fun playing games, if there are games to play, it's because there are authors who create them. Every year, Dau Barcelona pays tribute and lends recognition to the work carried out by games authors. This time, to some thirty authors from Catalonia and the rest of Spain, who will be demonstrating their games and getting attendees to play them at the festival.

Historical dau

IES Martí Pous

Dau Barcelona presents the two sides of historical games. First, board games that aim to create historical, social, political, military and economic simulations of past, present or future events. Second, miniatures games, where the art of sculpture, painting and games interlink. Writing history with the roll of a dice, at the table.

Discovering historical games  

Run by the publishers:

  • 4Dados
  • Devir
  • Ediciones MasQueOca
  • Doit Games
  • Draco Ideas
  • Trafalgar Ediciones

Demonstrations and matches for beginners

Run by the following clubs and organisations:

  • +1 Al Dado
  • Alpha Ares
  • IX Legió
  • Mournibal
  • Napoleonic’s Modelisme / Ludus Historiae
  • Rvbicon
  • Snafu

Battle of Cannae, 216 BC

Partida multitudinària

Multi-player match run by the Alpha Ares club 

Rorke’s Drift

Multi-player match

Run by Jordi Roca

Taller de pintura amb pinzell

Paintbrush painting workshop

Run by Salva Roselló

Role-playing Dau

First floor, Casal de barri - Ateneu L'Harmonia

For the first time, Dau Barcelona will feature a large space for discovering and getting a first taste of role-playing games, games that are based more on imagination and on the pleasure of experiencing adventures of every kind around a table.

Role-playing games for everyone 

Run by the publishers:

  • Devir
  • GDM Games
  • Holocubierta Ediciones
  • HT Publishers
  • Maqui Edicions
  • Nosolorol Ediciones
  • Shadowlands Ediciones

Traditional Dau

Can Fabra School and Institut Vapor del Fil playgrounds

Traditional games of Catalonia: master Arcadi's tops, games of marksmanship and skill, hoop rolling, stilts, bowling, slingshots, Catalan baseball (bòlit) and morra. Urban games with traditional roots: yoyos and kendama. The Associaçâo de Jogos Tradicionais de Guarda will be presenting a demonstration of Portugal’s traditional games.

Run by the L’Anònima Games Company

With support from the Directorate-General for Popular Culture and Cultural Association Movements and Action of the Catalan government, and the Catalan Federation of Traditional Games.


Fabra i Coats Compound

  • Grand Dau, games for everyone
  • Festival’s shop (marquee opposite the Creation Factory)
  • Dau pro
  • Pathfinder Macro-game

Can Fabra School

  • The Little Dau, games for children aged 5 to 10
  • Wheelchair circuit

IES Martí Pous

  • Creators' Dau
  • Historical Dau
    • Discovering historical games
    • Demonstrations and matches for beginners
    • Battle of Cannae, 216 BC, multi-player match
    • Rorke’s Drift, multi-player match
    • Paintbrush painting workshop

Neighbourhood Centre - Ateneu L’Harmonia

  • Role-playing Dau
  • Ludo space, prototypes, Passaport Lúdic and Game Jam
  • Verkami Space, prototypes, Passaport Lúdic and 8th Protogames Competition

Can Fabra School and Institut Vapor del Fil playgrounds

  • Traditional Dau
  • Wheelchair circuit
  • Presentation of Room and Bitmax books and games



Ignasi Iglésias Library - Can Fabra

  • Devir Show


Sant Andreu Theater

  • Dau Barcelona Awards Gala