Creators have conceived, worked on and polished the games we play to ensure we have fun with them. All games start off as prototypes.

For seven years now, Verkami, a platform dedicated to crowdfunding founded in Mataró, and Dau Barcelona have collaborated annually in the Verkami - Dau Barcelona Protogames Competition.

Thanks to this collaboration, hundreds of games invented by new board game creators have featured in the competition, including 145 this year alone, from which 20 finalists will be chosen for the grand finale


Verkami with Dau Barcelona

Speed dating

Previous editions would include a very special private meeting at Dau Barcelona: we would put creators of unpublished games in contact with publishers. Every creator would have three minutes to convince a published that their proposal was good enough to be published; within an hour a creator could speak to as many as a dozen publishers. It's through this and other similar activities that Dau Barcelona supports the work of game creators.

This year, however, such meetings will be virtual. We've received some fifty proposals (that is, games yet to be published) by new creators. We’ll choose a dozen of these and ask their creators for a three-minute video explaining everything about their game. Once they've been edited together into a single video, we’ll send it to the Spanish publishers.


The Spanish association of board game creators (Ludo), represented by its Catalonia delegation, has been at Dau Barcelona since the first edition to showcase the prototypes of its members. This year’s special circumstances do not allow F2F participation but do allow a video where they explain who they are and other videos on which various Ludo creators show off their creations.

Ludo, the board game creators’ association