Games publishers and creators are at the heart of Dau Barcelona. It is thanks to the creations of the latter and good work of the former that we can find games in shops to buy and enjoy. They are the ones who talk directly about their games to everyone who attends year after year.

Every year most publishers in Catalonia and the rest of Spain take part in Dau Barcelona. Given the current complicated situation, there will not be as many publishers attending this edition as the previous ones. However, since publishers are an essential part of the festival, we have asked them to tell us why they publish games and what games they suggest for us. Here you have them, in a whole host of videos and podcasts(in Catalan and Spanish).


Álvaro Lerma (2 Tomatoes Games)

José Manuel Rey (Asmodée)

Lucía Molina (Cayro)

Núria Casellas (Cucafera Games)

Joaquim Dorca (Devir)

Jèssica Poch (Djeco)

Artur Zanón (Do It Games)

Oriol Crespo (Games 4 Gamers)

Pak Gallego (GDM Games)

Servando Carballar (GenX Games)

Georgina Alabern (Haba)

Sandra Gómez (Lúdilo)

Juan Luque (Ludonova)

Francisco Álamo (Maldito Games)

José Antonio Gómez (Masqueoca Ediciones)

Richi Viera (Mercurio)

Manuel Sueiro (Nosolorol)

Cesar Sánchez (SD Games)

Gonzalo Pastor (TCG Factory)

Santi Santisteban (Tranjis)

Sergio Viteri (Zacatrus)

Enric Aguilar (Zombi Paella)