Solidarity auction for Open Arms


As the saying goes, we don’t stop playing when we grow old, we grow old when we stop playing. Well, that's the way things are. Players sometimes finish with playing and then grow old. Reluctantly, of course, it has to be assumed. When that happens, however, they leave behind collections of games they had once treasured, played thousands of times, and others they hardly ever took off the shelf. Having games at hand is much like having books at hand: they’re beautiful objects sitting on shelves with promising stories.

Not long ago one such player grew old and wanted to leave his collection to the community so good use could be made of it. This collection boasts nearly every major game released over the last eight years, most not even opened. After giving a lot of thought to what to do with this legacy and considering numerous options, we decided it would be best to ensure its games would help to make the world a little brighter for those who risk their lives fleeing from poverty, war and the exploitation of human beings by other human beings. A good idea was to hold a solidarity auction to raise money for Open Arms. These games will go to good homes, where they’ll sit on the shelves of those who don’t feel like growing old, but this time the story they have to tell will be one that is true.