Traditional games

Our Mediterranean climate allows us excellent spaces for playing games on our streets. In fact, they were the first such spaces in history. For many years now, we have been accumulating a vast recreational repertoire, passed on from generation to generation, spontaneously and experientially. This entire repertoire forms a common heritage that is creating a recreational memory. Spinning tops, hoops, skittles, yoyos, stilts, morra, slings and bèlits (tipcat) fill our streets and squares and now have a space at the Dau Tradicional.

La Companyia de Jocs l’Anònima is a non-profit association tasked with animating game spaces throughout Catalonia. It has monitors with considerable experience in playing and getting others to play: they create a space encouraging relations between people, irrespective of their ages, and first-hand experiences of the games. They thereby help to keep the chain of transmission moving forward.

There cannot be any traditional games at Dau Barcelona this year. We’ll see you at Dau 2021, Companyia l’Anònima!


Companyia de Jocs l’Anònima