Where games can be bought

In previous years, those attending the Dau Barcelona had an opportunity to take the games they have enjoyed playing at the festival home with them. That will not be possible this year, although fortunately there are a whole host of physical shops in Barcelona that offer a good assortment of board games. If you like to buy online, you won’t need our help, but if you’d like to find out about the shops specialising in board games or where you can find numerous games, below we offer you a map of Barcelona and its metropolitan area so you can locate them.

Remember that the shops specialising in board games not only offer a huge range of games but expertise too, so they can advise you properly on whatever it is you are looking for.



If you are a shop specialising in board games and we have mistakenly failed to mention you, tell us through our contact form and we’ll put you on the list. Many thanks.

In addition to a good number of shops specialising in board games, you can also find them in other shops and department stores.