Change of cultural and educational model

Culture is a key element for tackling the climate crisis, as the cultural context is the reference framework which shapes the way people live and act. We are faced with the challenge of transforming a culture based on increasing consumption of energy and resources, which ignores the undesirable effects this has on ecosystems, societies and the most vulnerable territories, into a culture that recognises planetary limits and fosters sustainable ways of life.

Education, cultural activity, communication and encouraging citizens to take action are vital instruments for advancing down this road. Involving everyone and cooperation between cities and regions can enable the change we need to come about. The More Sustainable Barcelona network is a key piece in this cultural transformation. We need to strengthen its programmes, promote climate action in the neighbourhoods, incorporate raising awareness of the climate emergency into education and the city’s cultural programmes and transmit clear messages.

We want a city where people, organisations, institutions and businesses each assume their own responsibility and, together, the city’s responsibility for minimising its impact and reversing its ecological debt. A city that learns, with committed Barcelona citizens who know they can change the situation by their actions and protect the future for the generations to come.

Most important challenges

  • Being consistent in what we say and what we do. Conducting more internal education on the commitments taken on in relation to the climate crisis as an administration/organisation/business. 
  • Finding ways to reach everybody, in all the neighbourhoods, and get commitment and action from the various sectors of the population.
  • Boosting education on sustainability and global justice in the formal education system. Prioritising the participation and empowerment of young people. Stepping up teacher training.
  • Incorporating the challenges of sustainability and the climate emergency in the cultural debate. Getting the support of various groups, including intellectuals, artists, cinema professionals, radio, television, communicators, influencers and opinion creators in general.
  • Facilitating the development of joint learning/action projects and encouraging people and organisations to get involved.

Key actions and actors

Promoting climate action

  • Have a facility and a person in charge of climate and sustainability in each district, with the aim of promoting climate action and extending the sustainability culture to the neighbourhoods.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Have subsidies to the value of 1M€ a year for developing projects that contribute to achieving the goals and targets of the Climate Plan and this declaration.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Promote climate emergency actions (energy improvements, a guarantee of environmental quality, sustainable mobility, etc.) from the cultural facilities run by the ICUB or with municipal participation.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Develop an educational programme on climate change for city schools, including climate transition programmes geared towards young people (secondary schools, universities).    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Introduce criteria for reducing the climate impact, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda at five major city events (for example, La Mercè, the Marathon, Grec Festival, Smart City Expo World Congress, Mobile World Congress) and neighbourhood festivals.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Promote cooperation between cities on climate justice, in the subsidy call and direct, city-city cooperation.
    • Barcelona City Council

Disseminating knowledge of the climate crisis

  • Incorporate information and discussion on the climate emergency and future model into the cultural programming of cultural facilities (libraries, museums, civic centres, elderly centres, youth centres) and dedicate international days and weeks to the climate crisi.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Publicise the climate emergency declaration with a travelling exhibition that goes round the 10 city districts and various schools.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Spread knowledge of the climate emergency by using existing communication channels: messages at health centres (CAPs), metro channels, etc.    
    • TMB, Health Consortium

Generating knowledge

  • Increase climate research (Barcelona Science Plan) to improve knowledge of climate change in the city. Communicate new knowledge by means of the website, science days, talks, etc.    
    • Barcelona City Council
  • Generate more knowledge around the impact of the climate crisis on global inequalities, migrations (climate refugees) and human rights.
    • Barcelona City Council

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