Margaret Michaelis. Cinc dies pel barri Xino

Margaret Michaelis (fotografia) Dolors Rodriguez Roig (text) Itziar González Virós (text)

Margaret Michaelis, an anarchist photographer born in Poland to a Jewish family, put together a photographic report in April 1934 in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, having been commissioned by the Group of Catalan Architects and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture (GATCPAC) to provide images for the exhibition titled ‘The New Barcelona’. Now, for the first time, this report of undeniable historical importance can be enjoyed in full in book form. Michaelis, who used a Leica camera, was not in Barcelona for long, but her perspective made its mark on the city forever. For five days, she wandered around the Republican Barri Xino, perfectly capturing the poverty, vitality and desire for freedom she saw.

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