Solidarity and responsible Christmas

Discover the solidarity and responsible consumption initiatives for this Christmas in Barcelona, such as the Responsible Consumption Fair and the “Millor adopta, també per Nadal” (Better to adopt, at Christmas too) and “Cap nen sense joguina” (No child without a toy) campaigns. And remember that toys are gender-free, so everyone can play with them!

Two municipal workers collecting Christmas trees

Christmas tree collections

Did you know that your Christmas tree can be of great service to the city's green areas? Barcelona has 225 Christmas tree collection points throughout the city from 7 to 17 January 2019. 

A sustainable Christmas

A sustainable Christmas

Christmas means good times with family and friends, laughter around the table, solidarity with others, excitement by the Christmas tree and celebrating the start of the New Year. But it is also a time of high consumption and  we all need to minimise the impact the festivities have on the environment.

Toys do not have a gender. Anyone can play with them

This Christmas, give toys and games that do not promote sexism. Buying toys is an act of responsibility, as play is a means of transmitting sets of ideas based around respect and equal opportunities

More initiatives

Find out more and take part in other solidarity initiatives that are being promoted in the city's various districts and neighbourhoods.

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