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Per evitar la propagació de la covid-19, queda prohibit accedir als parcs i jocs infantils a partir de les 20.00 h

Parc de la Trinitat is an oasis in the heart of Sant Andreu, a green space of grass meadows and rows of poplars covering a hill that border a long canal where, at one end, there is a sculpture of a crouching girl wringing clothes.

A green park

Parc de la Trinitat, which is semicircular in shape, is dominated by a hill with a canal at its foot. As you enter the park, you will find a multipurpose amphitheatre on the left of the main entrance, which ends where the canal begins. Stairs give access to the large recreation area you will see once you have passed the sports courts and picnic and barbecue area. There are two tennis courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court and a mini football court. If you go beyond the sports area, you will see 2,400 square metres of urban allotments: 61 plots of land cultivated by the neighbourhood’s senior citizens. Look right and you will see the most landscaped part, which you can observe from the path at the top of the park that functions as a balcony. Two sculptural sets are also integrated into the park’s landscape:Josep Ros’ Runaway horses and Rafael Bartolozzi’s Woman bathing.

A great place for racing model cars

Parc de la Trinitat is a great place for model car and boat enthusiasts. The lake is often full of boats and there are also tracks for model car racing, run by the Sant Andreu Model Enthusiasts’ Association.

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