Centre Arts Santa Mònica


The Arts Santa Mònica, a former 18th-century convent, is a veritable centre of creativity: the modern entrance, remodelled under the rules of contemporary architecture, offers you your first clue. You reach it from a large ramp that acts a broad balcony offering a wonderful view of La Rambla.

A creative centre

Arts Santa Mònica was designed as a space for the most diverse in artistic disciplines to come together and interact:ranging from the visual and performing arts to music, audiovisual creation and design, not to mention other fields that are a far cry from the traditional concept of art and which can bring so much to creativity. This is what Arts Santa Mònica seeks to do: escape constraints, generate spaces for meeting and exchange and make room for the most daring and innovative in artistic expression . Hence its incorporation of work from such disciplines as literature, science, philosophy, architecture, fashion and cuisine. It is a fusion of all the elements that provide the raison d’être for Centre de la Creativitat which the Arts Santa Mònica has become. Arts Santa Mònica is part of the Raval Cultural project, a collection of over three hundred cultural offerings from the neighbourhood.

Online projects

Arts Santa Mònica also offers certain projects that you can consult online, such as the Arxiu Dossiers, that brings together the work of various artists working in Catalonia and which aims to raise awareness of contemporary Catalan art and the Science Blog, a space aimed at building bridges between scientific and humanistic knowledge.

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Carrer la Rambla, 7
Ciutat Vella
el Raval

Accessible for people with physical disabilities

Public center