Parc del Fòrum

Pl Fòrum, 1

Parc del Fòrum, open to the sea, with the new Diagonal Mar as a backdrop and a reminder of the Universal Forum of Cultures held here in 2004, is a large site that has been turned into a meeting point and a venue for various events, thanks to its accessibility, versatility and capacity for holding lots of people.

A major event

Parc del Fòrum is the legacy of an unprecedented event held in Barcelona in 2004, namely, the Universal Forum of Cultures. Then the site brought together people from all over the world and contributed to the dialogue on cultural diversity, sustainable development and the conditions for peace.

Walking through the park now you can still feel the essence of those dialogues that began ten years ago. Parc dels Auditoris, one of the areas that has been reclaimed, is a large, open-air space by the sea, with a spectacular photovoltaic panel suspended in a forest of very peculiar columns that has become a real symbol of the commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Various acts and big events are held throughout the park during the year that have had an international echo, and the fact that it can hold 65,000 people at any one time has turned it into a meeting point for people from all over the world.

A versatile space

In reality it is not a green space or urban park in the usual sense, rather it is a big area that combines a number of spaces and facilities where all kinds of acts and events are held today.

The park’s central stage is a reclaimed area in front of the sea, with an esplanade that holds fairs like the Catalan version of Seville’s April Fair, music festivals such as Primavera Sound and large-scale events of other kinds.

Inside the park you will also find the Fòrum Building, which houses the Museu Blau and the CCIB, the Barcelona International Conference Centre, which holds a large number of big conferences in the course of the year. Regarded as being unique in Europe, for its beauty and original architecture, and with a capacity of 15,000 people, it is a very versatile, multipurpose meeting centre with spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Urban spaces

  • Sant Martí

    el Besòs i el Maresme
Pl Fòrum, 1
Sant Martí
el Besòs i el Maresme

El Parc del Fòrum posa a disposició dels ciutadans un gran recinte per acollir infinitat d'actes amb les millors condicions de qualitat i seguretat, i tots els serveis necessaris per convertir cada trobada en un acte memorable. Gaudeix d'una ubicació privilegiada i disposa d'una completa xarxa de transport públic formada pel metro, tramvia i autobusos que connecten en pocs minuts, amb el centre de la ciutat.

En aquest sentit, s'ha consolidat com un dels principals espais d'oci de la ciutat gràcies a les múltiples possibilitats que ofereix i que pot acollir fins a 65.000 persones simultàniament.

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