Traffic alterations during 11 Setembre 2019

Check road closures, disruptions to public transport and mobility recommendations in Barcelona in relation to the demonstration on 11 September 2019. Follow instructions via @barcelona_GUB and @TMBinfo

Vehicles driving on a street in Barcelona

Traffic disruptions

Find out which streets are closed and what traffic alterations have been put in place throughout the  Catalan National Day 2019. We recommend you avoid using private transport to get round the city, from midday on in particular. Follow the instructions from @barcelona_GUB.

People in the lobby of a subway station

Public transport

Consult all the information on services, alterations and public transport availability in Barcelona, in particular on its metro and bus lines, during 11 Setembre 2019. Follow the instructions from @TMBinfo.

National Day march in Barcelona


Barcelona City Council recommends travelling mainly on foot or by Metro and Ferrocarrils (FGC) from midday on 11 September. Follow the instructions from @barcelona_GUB.

Metro station with a stationary train and people on the platform

Getting there

Check the traffic conditions in Barcelona in real time and look for the best way of getting round the city.

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