Switching on the Christmas lights for 2020

Thursday 26 November, at 6 pm
Plaça Comercial (El Born CCM)
Show by choreographer Sol Picó

A choreography by Sol Picó on family gatherings during the festive period opened the switching on of the Christmas lights. The starting signal for Christmas activities in Barcelona. A popular, cultural, festive and family event that concluded with the city’s Christmas lights being switched on.

This year’s switch-on was a cry of hope and celebration, a loud appeal for everyone to remember that life is short so we have to make the most of every moment, looking after our environment and our fellow citizens.

This show intended to be a tribute to people in a year that has been really tough and marked by the global pandemic: to the key workers who have been on the front line, elderly people who have soldiered on alone, families that have experienced it together sharing every moment, children who have spent hours and hours staring through the window, those who have seen their business close not knowing when it would reopen, those who have left for work each morning with a feeling of insecurity, those who have spent weeks longing for someone’s embrace... and so on. It wa a tribute but,above all, a cry of hope and celebration, an appeal to everyone’s conscience so we don’t forget how short life is, as unpredictable as it is marvellous, that we must make the most of every moment we are gifted and look after our environment and our fellow humans.

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