Retrieve and download municipal posters from the last four years

Retrieve and download municipal posters from the last four years

04/10/2019 - 14:25

Citizen rights. Download the designs and illustrations of over seventy artists in high resolution.

Posters from La Mercè, Christmas, campaigns on respect towards others and meetings promoting different causes have all been brought together in a municipal repository which highlights talent and creativity when it comes to drawing a diverse, welcoming, feminist and neighbourhood-centred Barcelona. The images can be downloaded and printed in high resolution.

The municipal poster repository contains nearly eighty works and will be updated periodically with new images of traditions, ceremonies and celebrations which take place in the city, such as 25 November, Christmas and Carnival. The posters cannot be altered or used for commercial purposes, but they can be printed and shared with attribution of authorship.

The website currently contains the work of professional illustrators such as Maria Corte, Miguel Bustos, Júlia Solans, Javi Royo, Laura Meseguer and Snoop, with designs produced between 2015 and 2019. The campaigns displayed tell the story of a city defined through messages such as ‘Barcelona, City of Peace’, ‘Housing is an essential right’ and ‘We won’t keep quiet’, which remain in the memory of people in Barcelona.