Final step approved for municipal management of the Port Olímpic

Final step approved for municipal management of the Port Olímpic

30/09/2019 - 17:29

Urban planning. The area will switch from being a centre for nightlife to become a place for local people, devoted to popular nautical activities.

The full council has approved the transformation of the Port Olímpic into a people-centred space of 48,000 square metres, open to the sea and offering popular nautical activities as a wholly municipally managed facility. The next step is for the Government of Catalonia to cede responsibility for the port to the City Council for a period of thirty years.

The plan is for a people’s port of 48,000 square metres, doubling the current surface area and becoming better integrated into the street layout, with areas for people to stroll around and relax in and spaces around the port to be used for nautical activities, sports and dissemination.

Besides activities at privately operated premises, a new nautical sports centre will be created and the current sailing centre expanded. There will also be a new centre for marine knowledge and dissemination, enabling members of the public to be more in touch with local coastline.

A consensual Port Olímpic

The plan has been developed with local people, port stakeholders, environmental and municipal groups.

Work is due to start at the end of the year and conclude in 2022. The work involves an investment of 39 million euros, to be self-funded with the capital generated by the sale of business premises and mooring fees.

Wholly municipally managed

The project approved by the full council includes an agreement between the City Council and the Government of Catalonia whereby responsibility for the port will be passed onto the city government for a period of thirty years (extendable), as from 30 April 2020.

The Catalan government must now give the document final approval before it comes into force.