New on Barcelona Llibres 2019

This year's Sant Jordi (St George's Day) sees Barcelona City Council holding a book stall on Plaça de Sant Jaume and the Sala Ciutat bookshop open for business (Carrer de la Ciutat, nº 2). You can buy the latest publications there as well as works from previous years. Check out the Barcelona Llibres website for all publications.

Gent de ploma i marabú. Geografia LGTB+ de Barcelona

Thais Morales and Carme Pollina

The mark the LGBT+ world has left on the city of Barcelona and the reasons why the city has become a refuge, capital and point of reference for this collective.

Manuel Sayrach 1886-1937. Arquitectura i modernisme a Barcelona

Various authors

Manuel Sayrach, an essential multifaceted artist, is one of the least known architects of the Modernism movement. His work deserved a conscientious and documented review.


Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Thirty years after it was first published, we can once again enjoy Montalbán’s chronicle about Barcelona. An essential work for enjoying, loving and gaining a better understanding of Barcelona .

Topografia de la destrucció

Laia Arañó and Mireia Capdevila

This book provides the most complete and comprehensive account to this day of the bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War (1936-1939).

Mi Barcelona. La ciudad de los sueños

Pedro Espinosa

A new "Travelogue" which, through illustrations, takes us to the hidden corners of Barcelona to reveal a city full of secrets and charming characters and stories.

Les musics chiens

Mercè Salvador

This new edition from the "Biblioteca Secreta" [“Secret Library”] collection transports us to the alternative music scene of 1970s Barcelona through a photo story.

Barcelona feminista 1975-1988

Isabel Segura Soriano

A book that is key to understanding the origins of many of the feminist demands that were brought to the streets of post-Franco Barcelona and that are still alive today.

Harry Walker: lluita obrera, victòria veïnal

Various authors

The Harry Walker factory is closely linked to the neighbourhood of La Prosperitat (Nou Barris). Its workers’ strike in the 1970s was a historic milestone that is still remembered today.

Altell Il·lustrat

Various authors

A journey through the artistic interventions that have been available to enjoy in this venue, which highlights the quality and variety of illustrators working in Barcelona.

Retrats de la Barcelona comunitària

João França

There are many citizen experiences in Barcelona that seek to create links and transform the city. Community energies that have become a reality in the city’s neighbourhoods.

Poblenou. Atlas ilustrado de un barrio industrial


A journey through Poblenou in drawings which aims to bear witness to the neighbourhood's industrial past, and more specifically, that of its old buildings.

Barcelona. La construcció urbanística d’una capital compacta

Joan Busquets

An urban planning classic translated into Catalan to help us discover how Barcelona has gradually taken shape through a variety of urban planning actions.

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