Jardins de Rosa Luxemburg


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Visitors who enter the gardens from C/ Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer will have a general view of the gardens, which are not large but do offer a good view of El Carmel hill, as they are on a slope.

The Rosa Luxemburg Gardens are bounded on one side by school facilities, which use them as a second, first-class playground and, on the other, by Av Estatut de Catalunya, Av Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer and the continuation of C/ Jorge Manrique. These gardens are a green space where the lushness stands out and shines in the middle of the open spaces that surround them.


They include a large number and variety of trees, many of them fruit trees, although there are floral ones too, a feature designed to give them an agricultural feel in homage to the neighbourhood’s farming past, still present in its surroundings.
The gardens are divided into terraces that make up for a 15-metre difference in height between the upper and lower parts. These terraces are mostly linked by small staircases, though the gardens are fully accessible thanks to the main path that runs through them.

In the lower part there is a wood with a large variety of trees and an understorey full of shrubs. The terraces are bounded by landscaped slopes with trees and aromatic plants. This is a pleasant place for taking a stroll or having a good read in one of the shaded areas, especially in the spring, when the plants are at their peak. There is also a large area for dogs, separate from the rest of the gardens, which is closed with a gate. And, as it is right by a nursery, it includes a children’s play area.

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Av Cardenal Vidal Barraquer, 50
la Vall d'Hebron
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Av Cardenal Vidal Barraquer, 50

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