Mediacions / processos

Cuina en viu / Live Cooking University

Course within the context of the project Inter-Accions* as part of the Living In-between programme

Fabra i Coats – Contemporary Art Centre, Barcelona

12 November 2016 – 18 February 2017

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Free of charge


In relation with the programme and the exhibition Living In-between [Institutional Developments / Artistic Practices / Collective Processes], the course “Cuina en viu / Live Cooking University” proposes a review and an exploration of experimental models of learning management. This is based on collaborative practice, with the creation of a research group to discuss, generate alternatives and reflect on a cross-disciplinary model for the frontier between institutional and non-institutional educational spaces.

The kitchen is a space for creation where interest is focused on the execution process. A space that can be for experimental production and for trial and error, in other words, a laboratory. It is a space for sharing knowledge and integrating it into recipes for experimental politics. Taking the kitchen as a symbolic space, with the culinary exercise as the production of shared knowledge, the course will be run over various sessions in a workshop format, with the aim of sharing techniques, tools and resources in relation with the different questions tackled by the programme.

The course is aimed at all those people from different fields and contexts interested in forming part of a research group for this experiment – especially teachers, researchers, undergraduate students, master’s and PhD students, people from academic and non-academic environments – in order to rethink, together, these spaces for the production of knowledge and to construct a new one within the framework of the project.

*Inter-Accions is a work framework directed by the collective Mixité (Marta Carrasco and Sergi Selvas) based on which new models of professional learning in self-managed spaces are explored. Since 2012, different work processes have been put together involving various agents, faculties, students and teachers with the aim of researching other ways of managing learning from an inter-disciplinary perspective, situated at the frontier of institutional and non-institutional spaces.

Programme 2016-2017

Session 1 | 12 November

Creation of recipes for a new educational institution

Session 2 | 19 November

Design of spaces for knowledge production

Session 3 | 3 December

Gaps, bridges, paths and spaces of contact

Session 4 | 17 December

Recognition and value of knowledge

Session 5 | 14 January

Unlearning in classrooms, learning in the city

Session 6 | 28 January

Interface of an exchange network

Session 7 | 11 February

Affects and disaffects of a collaboration relationship